Tall Begonia Plants

Begonias grow in USDA hardiness zones 8 to 10 and they bloom from summer through frost. Their distinct foliage makes them a popular houseplant but they can be finicky.

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Some varieties of cold-hardy begonias include Begonia grandis Alba with delicate white flowers and Begonia grandis Torsa with large broad leaves and clusters of pink flowers.

Tall begonia plants. Begonia nelumbiifolia is also called Lotus Leafed Begonia or Lily Pad Begonia. Begonia plants are annual flowering tubers that grow between 6 18 inches tall depending on the variety you choose. Wax begonias can be grown indoors as houseplants or as annuals outdoors.

Nelumbo is a plant prized for its large umbrella-like leaves so its scientific name is due to the resemblance to Nelumbo. Flower Color Pink red white orange. The Tall Growth Habit of Polka Dot Begonia.

Grow double begonias in part shade to part sun and soil with good drainage. Planting Advice for your giant Begonias. Known for their angel wing leaves with the cutest silver polka dots and red undersides.

Tall 35-50 cm and 10-12 in. The height a Begonia can reach depends on the species and variety. Space the plants 6-to-12 inches apart in the garden or a container.

Their ability to adapt to different conditions means. They all comprise a thicket of slender upright bamboo-like stems clothed with lush lop-eared leaves that are attractive all year round and are ideal for a tropical. Angel wing begonia.

Wax begonias grow between 6 and 12 15 30 cm tall and spread up to 12 30 cm. Generally speaking most of the common Begonias you can buy are of average size and wont outgrow their chosen placement. Theyre easy to grow can be displayed in flowerbeds hanging baskets as container plants as indoor house plants and they produce strikingly beautiful flowers.

Most benefit from staking as they age. Polk Dot begonia one of the most colorful members of the Trending Tropicals collection is popular for its beautiful colorful leaves with showy white dots. Forms a bushy mound up to 14-20 in.

Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zone 8. An easy plant to grow. In winter a profusion of pinkish flowers on tall spikes appear.

This 45cm tall plant has arrow-shaped pale green and smooth leaves with thin reddish edges. If you have a Polka Dot begonia you may be interested in seeing how big it. The most dependably colourful of summer bedding plants their neat waxy bronze or green leaves coupled with red pink or white flowers just keep coming from June to the frosts.

10-11 USDA Native Area. Begonias are a favorite of many gardeners for good reason. Begonia blooms can reach a spectacular 5 or 6 across appearing on short plants that are rarely over a foot tall.

However Tuberous Begonias can reach up to 16 inches tall. It blooms in late winter. Toxic to dogs and cats.

How to grow begonias Grow begonias in peat-free multi-purpose compost in. While regular wax begonias grow to 10 inches or so these hybrids can reach up to 20-34 inches in height. Their flamboyant foliage make cane begonias ideal to display by themselves or as a part of a bigger plant collection.

We always tend to think of fibrous-rooted begonias as small bushy little plants for window boxes small containers and edging. Wax leaf begonias are deer resistant and can grow to be as large as two feet tall. The Rex begonia Begonia rex has the showiest leaves of all while Begonia luxurians the palm-leaf begonia looks like a palm tree and can reach 3m tall.

A favorite among the shade loving plants this elegant tuberous begonia deserves a spot in your beds borders window boxes or containers where its brilliant blooms will brighten your shaded spaces. Begonia semperflorens have fibrous roots fleshy stems and shiny waxy leaves in various shades of green and brown. These are cane-type begonias which means they grow on upright stems generally in clusters or clumps and can grow quite tall.

As they mature cane begonias are outstanding floor plants if you let them get tall. Everything on these begonias is bigger- leaves flowers and overall height. BEGONIA MANICATA Pink Showers Begonia manicata.

As the plant grows older the leaves become rounded and more heart-shaped. Sizes vary from just a few inches to large plants up to 3 feet tall and wide. Cold-hardy begonias grow up to 24 60 cm tall and wide.

There are dainty plants not growing much taller than 3 inches 7cm and others which are over 3ft 90cm. Wax Begonias do not grow taller than 10 inches. A subgroup of rhizomatous Rex begonias Begonia rex are widely available sold by florists and garden centers year-round and generally reach 12 to 18 inches tall and wide.

Plant double begonias from starts in May through August in US. Quite a cheery little plant. But Polka Dot has another secret talent -- how it grows as it matures.

Wax begonias belong to the hybrid group of begonias Semperflorens Cultorum in the family Begoniaceae. The so-called cane-stemmed Begonia are tough heat- and drought-tolerant plants that can form quite substantial shrubs 1-3 m tall although there are many cultivars that are more compact and grow to a height less than 1 m. It blooms in late winter.

Most begonias grow between 8 inches and 3 feet tall so you can find the perfect plant for the perfect spot. Young plants are beautiful addition to bright desks and tabletops. These exclusive Giant Belgian Begonias are highly sought after because of their incredible 6 inch 15cm diameter Giant blooms and dazzling variety of colours.

Other common names are wax begonia and bedding begonia. People love them for their ability to grow both indoors and out.

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