Best Window For Monstera

Monstera love a good soaking after the soil has almost completely dried out. To maximize leaf growth and size train your Monstera to grow up...

How Often Should You Water Pothos

Check its soil by touching it. You should water pothos every 5 8 days.

Pothos Philodendron

There are even more differences that we will get into in a while. Philodendrons new stems and growth have a pinkred tint to it while Pothos ...

Wild Monstera Deliciosa

A common mistake is to harvest the Monstera fruit before it is fully ripe. You can also leave the plant to grow on its own if you prefer a s...

Grow A Bonsai Tree

Allow the saplings to grow up to 4 inches tall then you can repot one of them to a bonsai pot filled with slightly acidic soil. Many varieti...

Bonsai Types With Pictures

Here is a list of the name of each style type and a example Bonsai tree picture. The flowers and fruit are different and the buds smaller ro...

Moss Pole For Monstera

Now stake away your Monstera will love you for it. Its natural surface gives a monsteras roots something to grab onto and draw moisture from...

Lego Bonsai 10281

LEGO Creator 10281 Bonsai Treeplease subscribe and ring the bell. LEGO Creator 10281 Bonsaj.

Philodendron Birkin Red

You dont find many plants like it. You sometimes see Birkin produce leaves with red patches or leaves that are entirely reddish-green.

Decorative Hanging Baskets For Plants

Hanging baskets bring beauty to wall real estate and boring after. So do we right.