Monstera Adansonii Narrow Vs Round

They are usually more elongated and the tips point slightly to one side. Monstera epipremnoides tend to have larger leaf foliage versus the adansonii in general.

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The color of the two plants is also different.

Monstera adansonii narrow vs round. What is a monstera adansonii plant. The difference would be that Monstera Lechleriana can be okay at 55 F or 12 C and Adansonii can only grow at temperatures higher than 64 F or 18 C. It has heart-shaped dark green foliage with cuts.

These jungle plants look similar to their cousin Monstera deliciosa but they dont grow anywhere near as large. There is also a normal form I believe which yours could be. This gives them a unique appearance and no two plants are ever truly the same.

The monstera adansonii has greenish-white petals that form a funnel-shape flower. Monstera adansonii vs obliqua. Depending on the size of the plant Monstera Adansonii will cost between 20 and 50 USD.

The leaves of the Monstera Adansonii narrow form variety have narrower leaves than the Monstera Adansonii wide form. Shipping calculated at checkout. The leaves are a lot more ovate or rounded in the wide technically its called round form form.

The monstera adansonii plantalso sometimes referred to as the Adansons monstera the Swiss cheese vine or the five holes plantis closely related to the monstera deliciosa. Thats for the whole plant not just a baby cutting. Monstera adansonii round form Monstera adansonii and its multiple forms have an interesting history with its most recent classification naming the different forms as subspecies.

The narrow form leaves are usually more elongated and their tips point slightly to one side. The Monstera Adansonii round form variety has wider and. Monstera Adansonii Round Form.

Round forms have wider leaves with larger holes and a ruffled appearance while narrow forms have narrower leaves with fewer smaller holes and lacks the ruffled texture. There are two forms that are differentiated called the Monstera Adansonii Round Form and the Monstera Adansonii Narrow Form. Not too hot or too cold.

Temperatures below 65F 19C will slow the growth down quite a bit. Differences and an In-Depth Comparison FEATURING A. Also the round form variety with an elongated shape and the tips of these leaves pointing slightly to one side.

Also known as the Swiss Cheese plant this variety is smaller than deliciosa. There are two forms that are differentiated called the Monstera adansonii Round Form and the Monstera adansonii Narrow Form. The holes are more round compared to the narrow form.

Differences and an In-Depth Comparison FEATURING A REAL OBLIQUA. Both forms require the same care and will grow in the same manner. For a short period of time it just might survive but leave it longer on cold and that will be the end of your Adansonii.

They look similar like cousins. All About Monstera Adansonii. As for any Monstera variety Adansonii doesnt like to be waterlogged so make sure to give it lots of drainage in the pot.

On the narrow form leaf the shape is much more pointed and lance-like. In round form the holes on the leaves are more like round-shaped larger and appear without any specific symmetry. Monstera Adansonii Narrow Form.

Monstera adansonii narrow leaf Monstera adansonii round form Photo by Alina alinafassakhova. Monstera adansonii vs obliqua. The leaves of the Monstera Adansonii narrow form variety have narrower leaves than the Monstera Adansonii wide form.

On the wide form the shape is much more round. Some leaves are round in shape whereas a few are narrower. Monstera adansonii also known as swiss cheese monstera or swiss cheese vine has leaves are round and have many lobes in the leaf margins.

Narrow form leaves may have less fenestrations than wide form and the immature ones may show no fenestrations at all. Monstera Adansonii Round Form. The lobe segments can be either smooth or serrated depending on the variety.

It is quite difficult to distinguish from Monstera acuminata. The epipremnoides leaves that sprout in an alternating manner grow up to 13 to 21 inches 33 to 53 cm long and 13 inches 33 cm wide. The Round Form.

Monstera obliqua is very rare and is commonly mistaken for Monstera adansonii. This species of Monstera is gorgeous and varied with leaves of many different shapes. A subspecies means that there is geographical isolation of that plant often different in morphology to the same plant in a different geographical region.

According to the University of Florida the leaves will become damaged if the temperature drops below 32F 0C. It will appreciate bright indirect light. The second is Monstera Adansonii Round Form.

Monstera adansonii has the usual green leaves. Both round and narrow forms are widely available on the market. Thats because they are both from the family araceae and genus monstera.

It has more oval or heart-shaped leaves. In regular form Adansonii is less like Obliqua and can be identified easily with small holes in it away from the leaf frame. The round form has the same holes in the leaves as the narrow form but is wider and more heart-shaped.

Narrow form tends to have less holes unless you train it to climb a totem pole or climb up something else. In addition instead of the huge indents in their leaves they develop. This plant is affectionately called the Swiss cheese vine plant because of the holes in its gorgeous and vivid green leaves.

The leaves of the narrow form are as the name suggests narrower than the wide form. If you look above the obliquas leaves are crazy thin and tissue-like while the adansonii has sturdy fatter leaves. Native to Central and South America parts of southern Mexico and the West Indies Monstera adansonii is part of the Araceae plant family.

The best temperature range for the Monstera adansonii variegated is between 65F 19C to 80F 26C. One common issue with Monstera adansonii is that its generally mislabeled as Monstera obliqua. In terms of maintenance both the narrow and this type are maintained in the same way.

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